Cod and haddock are by far the most popular fish served at Fred’s, and it’s great that more and more customers are taking a keen interest in where we source these fantastic fish.

Our Prime Cod and Line Caught Haddock are caught in the deep, clear, ice cold waters of the Barent Sea, from a fishery that has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as being sustainable.

The fishermen take great care in handling the fish, which are filleted and frozen within four hours of being caught, on state of the art fishing vessels.  The speed with which these fish are frozen is the key, retaining all the moisture, flavour and pure white colour of ‘just caught fish’.

Our customers are generally surprised to find out that our Cod and Haddock have been frozen – surprised because they taste so good, with flesh so white that they assumed it was fresh.  This surely is a testament to the quality of these fish.

So, not only are we proud to be able to serve Cod and Haddock of this fantastic quality, we are also proud to be able to reassure you that you can continue to enjoy the Nations favourite fish safe in the knowledge that at Fred’s they are completely sustainable.

Chez Fred

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