Most of our fresh fish comes from Devon and Cornwall in the South West, which is known to be one of the best managed fisheries in the UK.  Delivered to us daily by respected fish merchants, most are friends who have looked after us since the early days. All of them know that we will not buy any fish without the assurance that it is absolutely sustainable – It’s all about trust.

Our cod and haddock are from a fishery that has been independently certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as being sustainable – which is great news for lovers of these fine fish.

We continuously monitor the sustainability of all fish we buy. Some of those that are sustainable today may need a period of recovery in the future, whilst others that are currently “off limits”, being unsustainable, could certainly return to sustainable levels, due to the more proactive management now being shown.

Put simply, we will not source fish from any fishery that is not well controlled or managed, and we are committed to adjusting our supply chain as and when necessary to ensure that we are able to maintain this pledge to our customers.

Chez Fred

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