We’re often asked why our fish and chips taste so good.

It’s quite simple, really. No shortcuts, no fuss… just great quality ingredients, handled and prepared by people who care. Sure, it costs us a little more to produce, but you can’t put a price on happy customers.

We take the finest quality fish, coat it in our very own thin batter and cook it to order at very high temperatures, in clean, fresh groundnut oil. This seals in the goodness of the fish, whilst minimising the oil content of the batter.

Our chips are cut fat, and fried twice, in the finest rapeseed oil. The first fry produces the soft fluffy centre. We then flash-fry them to order in very hot oil to guarantee crispy chips every time.

OK – so maybe we are a bit fussy with our oils. As you can see, we use two different oils to cook our fish and chips. We won’t bore you with the details of why we do this but trust us, it works – and it works very well. The good news is that these oils are among the healthiest used for fish and chips.

Then there are our homemade mushy peas. A lot of effort goes into making these, but it’s worth it… they really are special.

Likewise,  most of our side orders, sauces and puddings are homemade daily in our kitchen, with the same care and attention as we put into our fish and chips. It’s a philosophy that extends to everything we do – and it’s been serving us (and our customers!) very well since 1989.


Chez Fred

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